Meet Your Doulas

Our doulas all have a deep desire to serve and support you. We each come with unique giftings, a variety of training backgrounds, and personalities. As doulas, we seek to support your goals and vision for birth. We do our best work supporting you when you have been able to identify your needs, expectations and limitations surrounding your upcoming birth experience. This forms the basis of our prenatal meetings together. Your doula can help you find the resources and supports you require to feel prepared and confident to birth at hospital or at home and with the care providers of your choice. She will aid you in preparing a birth plan.

Your connection to her needs to be strong. A calm, experienced, knowledgeable, and continuous presence; she will be by your side on your birth-day. In short you really need to love her! We encourage you to interview more than one doula.

Rates and package contents may vary according your needs, and extra services available. Your doula will help you craft a support contract that fits your needs. Consultations are always free. The doulas listed here are not employed by Birth Rhythms, they are independent contractors, they work directly for you, the parents.

Lisa Kusch

Lisa Kusch B.Ed, CLTD, Birth Consultant
Director of Birth Rhythms

I see my role as primarily providing important emotional, physical and spiritual preparation for pregnancy,  birth and the postpartum period.  I am also a resource to the women and families I work with by helping navigate medical terminology, protocols and systems, while inspiring trust in a woman’s ability to birth. I provide diplomatic communication skills  and nurturing hands to mothers. Most importantly, I embrace your vision for birth. I am comfortable and experienced in serving at  birth in a variety of settings. I have 25 years experience attending hospital and home births.  My career as a support provider in birth began while I was pregnant with my third child, before I even knew what the word Doula meant.

 My first experience as a support in birth was when  I supported a young woman with a mental illness through her amazing natural birth. It was trial by fire, but seeing birth from the other side was both shocking and healing. I did not know that my births, which to that point had felt isolating and traumatic to me, were the cultural norm. I did not know that I had choices in the way I planned to birth. She taught me what it was to self-advocate. It lit a fire in me to share that knowledge and empower women to make choices they didn't even know they had; choices that truly reflect her needs, and make her feel safe. 

In 1999, I stepped down from my  position as a full time teacher, opened a carehome for young women in recovery from mental illness and completed the doula certification program. My further education includes Lactation Education, Post Partum Doula,  Natural family planning, Herbs for Mothers and Babies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, trauma resolution, midwifery education, neo-natal resuscitation, Dancing for Birth, Postpartum International Peer counselling, fertility management, baby loss support, placenta encapsulation and various other workshops to keep my skills fresh. I am a also counselor for women, specializing in mental health recovery, and birth trauma counselling for couples.

In 2007 I became A National doula trainer for CAPPA Canada. After 4 years I created an expanded 40 hour curriculum and began to offer the Birth Rhythms doula training program. in 2010 the Canadian CAPPA offices were reabsorbed by CAPPA International and the course was down sized to just 16 hours, hence my departure. I have since partnered with Wise Woman Way of Birth to offer a dual certification to women who complete the course. Doulas need a strong foundation. Education needs to be relevant and immediately useful. Empowering women is my goal, and they do leave the training ready to begin serving immediately. Since 2007 I have trained more than 200 doulas in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Since that time I have also created a series of 12 Advanced doula training workshops, four different childbirth education and 3 fitness curricula to meet a variety of needs as well as an introduction to the Midwifery model of care weekend workshop for aspiring midwives.

In 2011 Birth Rhythms opened the Pregnancy and Parenting Health Centre. It was Saskatoon's venue for professional independent birth and postpartum programs and services. Over 40  different support groups and fitness classes were offered on a monthly basis. It was a dream come true. An unfortunate accident forced me to close the Centre in 2015. Once my healing is complete I will look at options for a re-birth of the centre. I continue to offer Doula training in various location until then.....

I believe that pregnancy and birth is a sacred time to be cherished and protected. It would be a privilege to serve you as you become a new family.


Sunava Hintz RMT, CLD

Sunava Hintz

As far back as I can recall I have wanted to work and live in community with women and babies. My early childhood was filled with such experiences. I grew up a child of the '70s and this entitled me to a new and juicy take on women's rights, especially the right to birth in her own way. It was a time of rediscovering the tried and true methods of birthing, and empowering women throughout their pregnancy and birth. This was the foundation for my beliefs around birth and it led me to this doorstep I stand upon today.

My professional training as a massage therapist began in 1990, and continues to this day. I have training in a variety of soft tissue therapies such as Swedish and Thai massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy and passive joint mobility. I am trained in homeopathy which I see as a great benefit during pregnancy and labour, and therapeutic and quantum touch which are gentle energy healing techniques, as well as extensive yoga training. I have worked in a variety of settings including clinical and home based, and have instructed at a private massage college for 10 years before retiring to start my own family. I have been attending births since 1988, and studied with Gloria Lemay of Wise Woman's Way of Birth doula training in 2000.

Sunava accepts only two clients per month. Call early in your pregnancy for a consult.

My motto in birth is that you can do anything you set your mind to given the right balance of support, trust and surrendering, one beautiful breath at a time!

(306) 260-1385 

Amanda Proznik, LD

Amanda Proznik

Amanda Proznik, CLD is also a Registered Doctor of Natural Medicine and Clinical Herbalist in Saskatchewan specializing in maternal care and fertility. She is certified in multiple therapies including Reflexology and Relaxation Massage. Amanda has been a Professional Labour Doula since 2013 and is most experienced assisting mothers and families in hospital births. Amanda took her Professional Labour Doula training in 2013 and again in 2016 with Lisa Wass of Birth Rhythms. She is also a certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Amanda owns and operates Balancing Elements Health Clinic in downtown Saskatoon and offers clients a balance of relaxation services and gentle consultations.

306-202-9679 & &

Francie Millar, RMT

 Francie Millar

All women hold the incredible gift of strength and transformation. This philosophy guides my work in all things. I am a Registered Massage Therapist with MTAS and have owned my Women’s Health practice for over 7 years. I feel such a deep love for women and their journey throughout life, including the adventure towards Mamahood and beyond. I truly believe that women are sacred and the space they birth in should be as well, whether in Hospital or in the Home. It is my honor to help in creating that space during birth and in my clinic. The creation of the family is magical. I feel such joy when a couple or partnership journeys into a Family. It is an inspiration every time I see a husband/partner become empowered to support Her as they create a family together. I believe it is my calling to support these families as they grow through pregnancy and into parenthood. I am there to fill the gaps, supporting both parents as they work together in this life-changing time.


Phone: 306-280-9196

Joan Stock, LD

Joan Stock

Joan has worked with children from infants to children in grade 3 for the past forty years. She is the mother of four and grandmother to an ever expanding group of young people. She has been a teacher, consultant, observer and trainer in the field of early childhood. She became interested in doula work after her son asked her to help following the birth of their son, and her daughter asked her to attend the birth of her daughter. After that she was hooked on wanting to become more supportive during pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum recovery and so started her journey of training in labour and breastfeeding, and cold and hot jade stone massage. With her past experience as a mother and educator in psychology and learning disabilities she has been fascinated with brain development and its importance in child development.

Joan feels that every birth is unique. Each woman requires individual support and the doula’s job is to determine how best to address the needs and fears of the labouring woman and, if present, her partner, in a sensitive and caring way. There are many variables in birth and many choices to be made; Joan believes parents need information to make informed decisions. Her background in early childhood as well as her individual path through parenthood has blessed her with a sense of confidence in the unknown, a dose of reality and an appreciating sense of humor. When not working with young children she can be found in her garden, sewing or creating alcohol ink paintings.

email :

cell: 306-222-4867

Jocelyn Anne Chillog, LD

Jocelyn Ann Chillog

As a person who has been searching I believe I have found my calling...I love birth, I love babies and I love supporting women through an experience that cannot be matched by anything else in this life. Having 5 children of my own, and supporting and photographing my siblings with the birth of their little miracles, I have seen the beauty of birth surrounded by love and support. It is an honour to serve in these moments, to hold, to empower and honour a woman's wishes. In addition to serving the woman I focus on assisting partners to be fully present in this most intimate space and experience.

email :

cell: 306-291-3686

Lucinda Proulx, LD

Lucinda Proulx

As a doula apprentice, my role in births is to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support for my client(s).  I commenced my Doula Training the winter of 2016 through Wise Woman Way of Birth. I am compelled to be a doula as I see the importance of holding and maintaining the sacred space which occurs during the birthing process. I honour the journey of both the mother and the baby. As a doula I am not only a support, but a resource. My clients plan for the births they want, and I am there to support and encourage her through as the birth unfolds.

I have a background in Holistic Therapies to which are wonderful tools to add to my doula toolbelt.

I would honoured to journey with you through this sacred time.

Live, Laugh, Love


Tegan Miller, LD

 Tegan Miller

My fascination with birth and my passion for serving women in their journey through pregnancy and birth has led me to pursue doula work. I have completed the Wise Woman Way of Birth and Birth Rhythms training course and have experience with family physicians, the midwifery program, home birth and natural birth, various comfort measures, as well as breastfeeding. I believe that women have innate wisdom to birth their babies and should be supported in informed decision making. My goal is to bring women to a place of trust in birth so that they can be empowered by their experience.



Teresa Friesen, LD

My doula story started with my sister. I didn’t know what a doula was until my sister got pregnant and decided to have a doula. I was there for my sister’s labour and delivery. It was an amazing experince. I saw how the doula helped my sister through her labour and how beautiful birth is. That is when I knew that I wanted to be a doula. I want to help women through their labour and delivery so they can have the birth experience that they want.


Number: 306-491-5863

Teresa Untereiner, LD

 Teresa Untereiner

Birth Doula, RAC certified Reflexologist and Champissage practitioner.

It is my greatest desire to support women and their families as they embark upon this journey of bringing life into being.

Each experience – each pregnancy, each labour is unique, and I want to honour that. I believe it is of the utmost importance to enable a woman to achieve the birth experience that she desires through access to current information, nutritional support, emotional support and knowledge of her community’s resources. I will be there to support her choices, whatever they may be – natural or medical – in a non-judgmental, loving way.

I am a mother to four incredible children (three of whom were born at home), a step-daughter and a grandchild.

I have always been drawn to birth-work, even as a young person, and my own personal beginnings were supported by a nurse-midwife 48yrs ago. I believe wholly in a woman’s ability to give birth.

My training in reflexology and champissage has trained me to be in tune with our bodies and to support health through physical touch.

I have attended both hospital and home births.
I offer prenatal guidance, birth support and postpartum assistance.

  • Education
  • 2003 RAC Certified Reflexologist
  • 2004 Champissage course (East Indian head massage)
  • 2015 St John’s Emergency CPR - C/AED with emergency childbirth
  • 2016 Wise Woman Way of Birth Comprehensive Doula training (course work completed and currently working towards completion of requisites for certification)

Partnered with Maureen Schofield of Prairie Lily Birth Support (
Member of the Prairie Birth Collective

Contact Information:


Phone: (306) 220-9018 or (306) 258-4433

Sarah Cochrane, Labour Doula

Retired. Find her offering breastfeeding support at the Saskatoon Mother's Centre.