As a first time mother, I can truly and honestly say that the birth of my son was one of the most incredible moments in my life. The support that Lisa provided resulted in a labour and delivery that I think of very fondly — If you can imagine that! I felt confident and in control.

I researched doulas extensively and talked to several friends who had used a doula's services in the past, before I decided to go ahead with interviews. I then interviewed several doulas before deciding to engage my doula's services.

I should first state that I would HIGHLY recommend engaging the services of a Doula. If you have any concerns, please read the appropriate research to address to your concerns. My biggest concern (a common one) was that having a Doula present would somehow diminish my husband's role in the birth. This was not the case at all; my husband and I both felt having a doula present, as compared to my first child's birth, where we did not have a doula, enhanced the birth experience.

I chose my Doula because she truly "adopted" my birth philosophy and birth plan; she did not try to impose her own views (if different) on me. She was very supportive and willing to do whatever was necessary to help us with the birth. Her flexibility was also important to me since, of course, all the details of a birth and post-partum situation cannot be predicted. She is a warm, enthusiastic, 'bubbly', person who loves what she does. I felt very comfortable and relaxed having her with me during labour and in the delivery room.

I would highly recommend engaging a doula, and I would highly recommend Birth Rhythms doulas. They are excellent at "mothering the mother"!

Derek & Kristine

As a first time mother, I can truly and honestly say that the birth of my son was one of the most incredible moments in my life. The support that Lisa provided resulted in a labour and delivery that I think of very fondly — If you can imagine that! I felt confident and in control.


With your guidance, we were able to plan and prepare for the birth of our daughter, both emotionally and physically... With your help, we were able to maintain a calm, safe, and intimate environment throughout my labour and delivery... You played a huge role in creating the experience we wanted and, words cannot express the gratitude I feel.

I am fortunate to be able to count myself among those women who treasure the experience of childbirth, and I have you to thank for helping me get there. It is an empowering experience and I am proud that I was able to accomplish my goals with your help…

We are both firm believers in the benefits of having the support of a Doula during labour and delivery, as well as in the months leading up to the big day. We will definitely be looking you up for our next child!

Thank you again for everything. Your visits after (our child's) birth were so helpful in reassuring me and I was better able to process both the first few days of motherhood and my birthing experience. Your support and guidance has been great for me all the way from the pregnancy stage, right through to my first days as a new mother. Thank you for being there.

With Gratitude


One of the smartest things I've ever done in my life is hire a doula for support during the pregnancy, labour and delivery of our daughter.

We wanted to hire a doula for a number of reasons: neither of us had gone through delivery before, and having the knowledge and support of someone who had gone through it (herself, as well as with other couples) would be very valuable to us; our support networks of family and friends are in other provinces; I wanted the psychological boost of knowing someone would have other ideas for pain management and information; and I wanted my husband to have someone to support him through the process as well.

Our experience with our doula, Lisa Wass, was great from the outset. Our initial phone conversations and meetings were positive and warm. It was initially strange, perhaps, to think that we would actually seek out a stranger to help us through one of the most intimate and challenging experiences that a couple will go through. However, the mental and emotional benefit of the support and knowledge that she would bring to the process overrode any qualms we may have had. Any questions we had were answered; or were answered with the next phone call. Additional information was offered to us to increase our knowledge and awareness of issues that may arise.

Initial labour at home was much better spent in familiar surroundings with the support of my husband and Lisa. I can honestly say that I would have gone to the hospital earlier than necessary if I had not had our Doula's experience on which to rely. Lisa's knowledge of what to expect next during labour was helpful to me, as was her honesty and directness. Throughout the long non-progressing labour, Lisa was very helpful and supportive to both of us, using various methods of pain management as well as being there to assist my husband. My husband is very good at encouraging me and instilling in me the confidence that, "You can do this", and he was wonderful through the whole labour and delivery experience. I do think that he found Lisa's knowledge and support helpful to him as well.

We had developed a birth plan outlining our preferences, and attempted to follow it through. However, the plan turned out to be merely a starting point and through the course of our labour we made decisions based on the situation and information at the time. I believe that we did make the best decisions at the time in each instance, and Lisa was a valuable resource to us when we were making these decisions.

I would DEFINITEY hire a Doula if I am ever pregnant again, (I'd actually try to hire Lisa if she is available), and would not hesitate to recommend hiring a doula to anyone who seeks my advice.

Jenn, Darren, Abby and Benjamin

Wasn't sure how to blog straight to the site so I'll leave this for you to post. Apologies for the length, but really this is the short version. The full version would really have to start the day our daughter Abby was born as I've realized that that experience and all subsequent emotional, psychological and physical experiences have prepared me for this birth.

Can't thank you and Kari enough for the class. It really was the difference between a birth based in fear or trust. Luckily the latter prevailed.

With love and gratitude

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