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Saskatoon 2017 Birth Doula Training $800.00- NEW DATES

Event Start Date: 11/1/2017 12:00 AM

Event End Date: 12/13/2017 11:59 PM

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Cost per place: CAD $400.00

Doula Training Overview

November 1st- December 13th

6 night classes and two full day workshops 

Wednesday night classes 6-9 pm

November 1, 8, 15, 22

December 6, 13

Sunday workshops 9 am-9 pm

November 5 & 19

This course is $800. you can register with a $400 deposit.

Being a Doula is a calling rather than a job, as a Doula you are in a unique position to dwell in the mystery and miracle of birth and support other people in that miracle. Life, death, love, courage, fear, trust, self‐discovery and transformation are all inherent in the birth process.

Women rightly have the power. Help them grasp what is already theirs. 

Become an effective support, resource & catalyst in women’s journey to motherhood.

You will work hard, you will be challenged, and your future clients will benefit from your skills and  confidence. You will be prepared for the realities of birth work. You will be given the tools to work directly for families as an autonomous, self-employed doula. You will build a network of support with other doulas through the training. You will understand the hierarchical system of power within childbirth and embrace that serving women means learning how to work within that fractured system; respecting that individual care providers are not the enemy.

If we want to be seen as legitimate professionals, then we need to educate ourselves like legitimate professionals. Let’s get political. Let’s get practical. Learning needs to be dynamic, it needs to be exciting, it needs to be rich with creativity, but it also needs legitimate content. Your clients will be investing in you financially, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically 100%. You will to be able to say that you did the same when it came to investing in your doula skills.

What you won’t do is:

  • Pay more than the course is worth.
  • Spend 2 days reading from a manual, filling in blanks, following a power point curriculum that doesn’t allow the instructor to teach to your specific location, needs, or culture.
  • Become overwhelmed with just two days to get all the information crammed into your head.
  • Walk away feeling disillusioned about your profession and role.
  • Be expected to do copious amounts of book work after the course.
  • Write an open book exam. Life is not like that. 
  • Be expected to become a member of a special club, with extra costs to complete and maintain certification. 
  • Have a false sense of security from your new credentials. Your integrity can never be proven by a piece of paper, or any organization; including this course.

Begin the journey.....

Pre-Requisites: a list of required reading and assignments will be emailed to you when payment is confirmed. Be prepared to spend a minimum of 40 hours  to complete these before the workshop. That is why there is a one month advance deadline on registration.

These requirements ensure that everyone attending the doula training has the basic background knowledge required to be an effective doula.


Purchase all four of these books:

1. The Birth Partner, by Penny Simkin

2.  The Doula’s Guide to Birth, by Ananda Loewen

3. Birth Conspiracy, by Rivka Cymbalist

4. *Creating Your Birth Plan by Marsden Wagner, M.D., M. - (Out of print. Buy a used copy online.)

Birth Rhythms Labour Doula Program Completion Checklist

 Please keep this checklist on hand as you will need to hand it in with your certification requirements.

 We suggest 12-24 months from the last day of your training to complete these items. They could be completed in just 3-6 months.

o    I have paid in full for the training series.

o   I have completed the Pre-Requisite readings and assignments.

o    I have completed the Birth Rhythm labour doula training series.

o   I have completed and submitted all assignments given during the Birth Rhythms labour doula training series.

o   I have attended a local breastfeeding class or attended a breastfeeding consultation with an IBCLC and included a detailed outline of what was taught and what I have learned.

o   I have attended a local childbirth education series, as an observer, and included a summary of what I learned.

o   I have attended 3 births as a doula (one with an experienced doula if possible) and included one evaluation from each birth from the mentoring doula and/or the parents.

o   I have included a personal summary,  including “what I learned and what I would like to learn” chart of each of the 3 births.

o   I have submitted proof of a First Aid and CPR-C course. ( It must include emergency childbirth training)

o   Submit a one page, three year business plan summary

o   Submit a copy of your interview folder

You have two years from the date of the workshop to complete all certification requirements of this Canadian course.


 6:00 pm -9:00 pm Wednesday evenings 

Sunday workshops 9 am- 9 pm will include 2 one hour meal breaks. Snacks will be provided. 

Pre-Requisites: a list of required reading and assignments will be emailed to you when payment is confirmed. Be prepared to spend a minimum of 40 hours to complete these before the workshop.


$800 + GST - Workshop and training manual. You have the option of paying in two installments. The first is due at registration, $400 + GST and the second payment of the remaining balance $400 + GST is due 14 days before classes begin

Register online or for more information:


Cancellation Note: Refunds will only be made if cancellation occurs more than 14 days prior to the beginning of the session. If you are unable to attend for the scheduled session, you may attend a future session or pass your registration credit along to someone else.

**Cancellation occurring prior to the cut off will be charged a $50 admin fee.

Event Locations

  • TBA in Saskatoon