We believe that birth is an extremely important and profound life event for a woman, her partner and family. Birth is usually a natural function of a woman’s body and most women can birth safely and with satisfaction. We honour a woman’s strength and power and believe in her inherent knowledge and wisdom which leads her to do the work needed to bring forth her baby. We respect that she needs to make her own decisions about how, where and with whom she will choose to birth. Additionally, we encourage and facilitate the father’s/partner’s presence and participation as desired.

Basic Package


An initial 45 min. consultation at no charge to get acquainted, go over birth philosophies and answer any questions that you might have about the services we provide. Three prenatal visits to explore and discuss your priorities, fears or concerns and plan how we will best work together. These will be extensive visits of up to two hours in length. A four hour couple’s workshop on birth support skills and comfort measures (Labour Intensive) is an integral part of our service. Should you desire to take our comprehensive childbirth education course instead we will offer it to you at 50% off. You have access to our lending library of over 100 current books and DVDs.

Labour and Birth

We can come to your home, or the hospital to support you in labour, whenever you feel you need us. Your doula is on 24 hour, “on call” duty beginning ten days before your due date. We will provide continuous support during the labour and birth, both physically and emotionally, with respect to the discussions and plans we have made during prenatal visits. We will remain with you for up to two hours after the birth, until you are comfortable and your family is ready for quiet time together. We can assist with initial breastfeeding if you desire.

Postpartum (1-3 visit)

We like to visit at one day postpartum and make a home visit 1 - 2 weeks postpartum. We are available by phone contact to answer questions about your birth or baby up to three weeks postpartum.