Doula Training

Certified Birth Doula Training

Become a knowledgeable professional who assists families prenatally and throughout the birth process by providing physical, emotional and informational support in this 13 week foundation course.

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Doula Training Overview

Being a Doula is a calling rather than a job, as a Doula you are in a unique position to dwell in the mystery and miracle of birth and support other people in that miracle. Life, death, love, courage, fear, trust and self‐discovery and transformation are all inherent in the birth process.

You will learn about the physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. You will gain an understanding of your role during each phase of the birth process, and will have the opportunity to practice providing services related to aspects of the Doula/Client relationship, such as labour support and home visits.

You will learn:

  • Comprehensive Hands‐on Labour Support Techniques
  • Empower women to take charge of their healthcare, understand physiologic birth and make informed choices
  • Understand basic self care skills so that you can encourage and empower mothers to  checking her own blood pressure, weigh herself, do urinalysis, cervical dilation checks, feeling the position of her baby and even listening to her baby's heart beat. These all demystify prenatal care and increase the mother's connection and bonding with her baby.
  • Comprehensive Doula‐Client Interaction
  • Marketing and Business Practices
  • Ethics and Responsibility
  • How to Empower Fathers during birth
  • How to support Cesarean Birth and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
  • And more...


These requirements ensure that everyone attending the doula training has the basic background knowledge required to be an effective doula. BEFORE attending the Doula Training, please do the following:

Purchase all four and Read ONE of the following and take notes to be submitted at the training:

  1. The Birth Partner, by Penny Simkin
  2. Pregnancy and Childbirth, by Gail Dahl OR The Doula’s Guide to Birth, by Ananda Loewen
  3. Creating Your Birth Plan by Marsden Wagner, M.D., M.S
  4. The Birth Conspiracy by Rivka Cymbalist

The following check list is provided to you to aid in keeping track of requirements as you complete them. We suggest 24 months from the last day of your training to complete these items. They could be completed in just 3-6 months.

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Birth Rhythms Labour Doula Program Checklist

**Please, do not submit originals.

Please keep this check-list on hand as you will need to hand it in with your other certification requirements.

  • I have paid in full for the training series.
  • I have completed the Pre-Requisites. To be submitted to my trainer on first day of workshop
  • I have completed the Birth Rhythm labour doula training series.
  • I have completed and submitted all assignments given during the Birth Rhythm labour doula training series.
  • I have attended a local breastfeeding class or attended a breastfeeding consultation with an IBCLC and included a detailed outline of what was taught and what I have learned.
  • I have attended a local childbirth education series offered by the health region I plan to work in, as an observer, and included a summary of what I learned.
  • I have attended 3 births as a doula (one with an experienced doula if possible) and included one evaluation from each birth from a mentoring doula and/or the parents.
  • I have included a personal summary, including “what I learned and what I would like to learn” of each of the 3 births.
  • I have submitted proof of a First Aid and CPR course. ( It must include emergency childbirth training)
  • Submit a one page, three year business plan summary
  • Submit a copy of your interview folder

Advanced Doula Training

This on‐going series is available to all trained doulas who have attended a minimum of five births. You need not be certified , but must have completed a birth or postpartum doula training. We meet monthly for a 2‐3 hour workshop. Choose the topics that interest you!

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Contact Lisa Kusch for details.

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