Birth Pool Kits

Birth Pool Kits

Birth Rhythms carries two styles of pools for use in labour and birth, both styles available to rent. You do not to be planning a home birth to benefit from the use of water in labour. Many women use birth pools as effective relaxation and pain relief in early labour while still in the comfort of their own home and then proceed to hospital when labour advances.

We carry both the famous "Aqua Born Eco" Birthing Pool and the "Made in Water" Birthing pool.

Each pool is easy to assemble and provides the support needed for labouring women. When immersed in water, your body becomes buoyant allowing easy movement and positioning during labour and birth. The water enables you to relax physically and mentally reducing your pain and discomfort.

The body relaxes easily when immersed in water allowing the muscles to relax and respond to labor more readily. Many midwives have found that cervical dilation occurs more rapidly when a labouring mother is relaxed and supported in warm water.

Thus the birth pool has been described to by many as the “midwives epidural”

Birth Rhythms pool kits are available for pick up 1 week before your due date and are to be returned within the 3 days after your child’s birth. Rental fee is $100.00 or $150 for complete on-call set up and tear down service.

Cash or Cheque and due on delivery.

Contact Lisa Wass for details.

(306) 683-0852

Check out Waterbirth International’s website for up to date research on the benefits of birth pools.